IPv4 Address Space Utilization

Goals (& non) of this Effort
Formally and regularly:
Gather address deployment data from RIRs
Perform statistical analysis
Make deployment data available for independent analysis
‘Blue sky’ deployments
Estimating NAT utilization (for now)

RIR Address Taxonomy

Slide 4

Slide 5

IPv4 Address Allocations: linear model

Address Allocations: logarithmic model

Address Allocations: logistic distribution

Slide 9

The ‘H’ factor: progress gets harder

Addresses seen by AS1221

Addresses in use

AS1221 Address Growth

Reverse Name Address Growth

Slide 15

A closer look

Slide 17

Cathy Murphy, ARIN
Paul Wilson, APNIC
Axel Pawlic, RIPE
Mark Kosters, Verisign
Geoff Huston, Telstra
Christian Huitema, Microsoft

The Final Slide…
URL to be announced on “big I” list
Questions, suggestions, RIPE fruit?
Bob Quinn page: www.thazard.com